Easy Shopper Mobile Card

An all-access pass that turns prospects into paying customers

Easy Shopper enhances your customer’s on-the-lot shopping experience while providing you with data-driven insights — without skyrocketing your marketing budget. For just $99 a month, our easy-to-use mobile card allows you to enjoy hassle-free, automated marketing that converts. Through geo-targeted features and daily inventory updates, Easy Shopper keeps your customers engaged throughout the entire buyer’s journey — from their first step on your lot to their first step on the gas.

The A.I. driven customer journey

Put the power of your lot in the
palm of their hand

Send messages to passing traffic

Turn a customer’s quick run to the store into a shopping experience on your lot. Easy Shopper’s location-based notification feature sends a message to returning customers who enter your geofence. These notifications help build consistency and points of connection — building trust and brand presence. The powerful geofences are also placed around your competitor’s lot, triggering on-screen notifications that keep you in the running.

Additional on-screen alerts feature notifications informing the customer of current inventory, updates on their selection, “welcome” messages, and more! And best of all, informed customers are more likely to make quick and definitive purchasing decisions.

Drive traffic to your online inventory

Your customers will receive weekly updates of your latest inventory giving them an inside scoop on your latest selections. These on-screen notifications are integrated with quick links to your online inventory, driving qualified leads directly to your CRM.

Always-on marketing,

Full Access to Your InventorySAFE DISTANCING APPROVED

Give prospective customers full access to your lot — from the comfort of their home or the comfort of “six-feet apart.” By integrating directly with your inventory feed, your latest vehicles are available for customers to review in an engaging and safe-distancing friendly digital experience.

Scan VINs on the Lot

What an average window sticker can’t do, Easy Shopper does — simply and effectively. With just a simple scan of the VIN, your customer is empowered with all the specs needed to make a purchasing decision including vehicle features, packages, photos and videos.

Empowering the Buyer

Give customers control over their car-buying experience by equipping them with tools to pause and resume shopping at their convenience. By enabling them to track their progress, interests and actions, you help them refine their buyer’s journey which leads to faster purchasing decisions.

Payment Calculator

Help your customer take the guesswork out of budgeting. Customers can easily crunch numbers to get an idea of their estimated monthly payments. They can even request a trade-in estimate for their current vehicle to help calculate monthly payments.

Access to Data-Driven,
Business Intelligence

Track Customer Activity & Trends

Utilizing algorithms and data analytics, your Easy Shopper mobile card will transform customer preferences, interests, and shopping behavior into valuable market insights. Through this comprehensive understanding of consumer trends, you and your team can convert these insights into business development opportunities.

Empower Your Sales Team

Easy Shopper allows your customer to submit calls to action — “Contact Dealer,” “Request Test Drive” or “Estimate Trade-In” — instantly sending leads to your sales team’s inbox. Your sales team will be able to quickly respond to customer requests, maximizing on their interest in the vehicle.

Consistency Across All Touch Points

Easy Shopper provides a collaborative platform for you and your team to review a prospect's shopping activity, vehicle interests and preferences, creating a seamless transition into the buyer’s journey. This consistency across your team, earns your customer’s trust and enhances your team’s confidence.

Weekly Customer Data Report

Every week, your Easy Shopper generates a report highlighting new traffic, opportunities for retargeting and remarketing to customers, and weekly conversion metrics. These data-driven reports take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy giving you the intel you need to enhance customer engagement.

Accelerate Results w/Exclusive Pro Features


What if there was an AI powered system that organized leads from your Easy Shopper and turned the data into a hassle-free & fully-automated email marketing sequence?

Oh, for just an additional $25. No need to wonder — Email Pro was built for this very purpose. By sending relevant & contextual emails to targeted audiences, the Email Pro integration produces higher click-through rates that drive traffic directly to your inventory.


What if the same AI that powers remarketing emails was able to create targeted audiences based on their shopping preferences AND import this data into your digital advertising platforms?

And of course, it’ll just be an additional $25. Audience Pro takes real-time analytics from your customer database & provides you with the ability to create ads directly remarketing to a lead’s preference. So that truck they saved on the lot, turns into a consistent Facebook ad they see on their newsfeed. And this consistency is what converts!


If a picture can speak a thousand words, what can a high-quality video do for your customers?

For an additional $150, get high-resolution videos provided by J.D. Power-UnityWorks. Video Pro uses model specific videos to communicate the performance, technology, and safety of new and used vehicles on your lot. With walk-around videos that will catch your customer’s attention, they will be equipped with the information they need–emphasizing the sense of control and freedom to make an informed buying decision.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We leverage decades of combined software and technical expertise to set the “technological” bar in the automotive industry. That’s why our team built this one-of-a-kind software program to streamline and optimize your customer engagement.

69% of consumers…

Use a mobile loyalty card when it’s stored conveniently on their smartphone1.

1Airship 3-19

7x higher engagement…

Users click on mobile notifications 7x more than traditional email-only campaigns2.

2Dinarys 3-18

41% of shoppers…

Wish that retailers would make their latest inventory information more accessible to customers3.

3Google 8-19

Increase Engagement, Conversion
& Sales for Just $99/month

Easy Shopper Card
per month per rooftop
  • Enhance on-lot capabilities
  • Regular inventory notifications
  • Advanced customer hand-off
Add EmailPRO
per month per rooftop
  • AI-driven customer audiences
  • Dynamic, automated emails
  • Data analytics on customer activity
Add AudiencePRO
per month per rooftop
  • AI-driven customer audiences
  • Social ad platform integrations
  • Based on customer interests
Add VideoPRO
per month per rooftop
  • Vehicle inventory videos
  • Model feature videos
  • VIN walk-around videos

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Features & Benefits

Customers have full access to a personalized shopping guide — on and off the lot

Safe-distancing approved. Keep your customer’s well-being at the forefront by empowering them with an autonomous shopping experience

Geofence both you and your competitor’s lots, triggering location based, on-screen notifications

Shopper’s data analytics create custom audiences for retargeting and remarketing to leads

Mobile card ID allows tracking and analytics (zero and first party data collection)

Accessibility and daily inventory updates increase actionable engagement and conversion

Calls-to-action pass valuable shopper activity for in store hand-off

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